To get me introduced into my course I was asked to create an infograph on a chosen subject, which mine was games consoles. So for this I started from the beginning which for me was the first games consoles that was invented and i went from there in chronological order. I then decided to talk about how games could potentially develop into, such as virtual reality.

Games consoles Infographic-01

This is my finished infograph, which I created through Adobe Illustrator, which over all I found can be challenging to work with. But overall I think I created a working inforgraph that easily got the information across. But I do think I could have been more creative when designing my infograph, before example I could have added a better background, created a easier way of writing the information so that it flows better and finally the images could have sat next to the writing better.

You can find more information about these consoles and how they changed the gaming industry from these linked listed:

The Ultimate History of Video Games, Steven L. Kent


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