Initial Ideas for game concept

In class we got asked to think about a game concept, to help us start designing our new game. we had to take this from a different kind of media such as, books, films, songs, musicals something other then gaming. So I have chosen to create a game based on a set of books called Beast Quests, within the book to heroes go on a quest to save 6 magical beats that protect the land and to help save the realm. Each beast is split up into a book for its own therefore there are 6 books to a quest.

We then got asked to design a structure for an aspect of my game for example a building, or a courtyard. We also had to choose a genre or the game and an aesthetic. My genres I have chosen to go ahead with is an action RPG game. As I am hoping make the game a free roaming game to add an element of adventure. The aesthetic I have chosen to do if futuristic. My idea is to have a futuristic environment but with old fashioned ways of fighting such as medieval. For example the weapons used will look futuristic by they will be traditional weapons such as swords, axes and bows.

We also got told that we need to open our minds, so I then have to think of a list of 36 items that could be within my environment I have to design, and from that list of 36 items I have to pick 3 that could potentially be moved around within my environment. The list I came up with was:

  1. Stairs
  2. Fireplaces
  3. Stone basins
  4. Horses and Harnesses
  5. Suits of mail
  6. Bows and Crossbows
  7. Cables
  8. Arrows
  9. Swords
  10. Daggers
  11. Axes and Poleaxes
  12. Maces
  13. Shields
  14. Helmets
  15. Pottery
  16. Beds
  17. Couches
  18. Throne
  19. Instant Communicators
  20. Force Fields
  21. Statues
  22. Spears
  23. Drapes
  24. Columns
  25. Cattle
  26. Tarts
  27. Swan
  28. Lamb
  29. Pork
  30. Herring
  31. Straw
  32. Stables
  33. Iron pots
  34. Blankets
  35. Leather shoes
  36. Chandelier

Even though I have found 36 items that could potentially be placed within my environment I could have come up with many more ideas also I could have gone into more detail when listing these items for example saying there will be status within the environment is been very simplistic if i was to pass this list onto a designer they might create the same status and just reproduce the same one where as many in the design all the status where different. Therefore when making lists it is best to add detail and completely explain your self to be able to achieve the overall desired look of the concept.

The three items within my environments I have chosen to be to move interact with the main player is a Sword, a horse and Chandelier. From this I will then go into sketch up and start to digitally mock up my ideas within the program.


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