Topology – First attempts

Topology can mean many things from the study of geometric shapes to the way constituent parts are interrelated or arranged.

During modelling, modellers try to make the model as simple as possible by not adding any type of polygon over 5 or more sides into the mode. Therefore most modellers will use Quads, when modelling, but because of the shape some models are Tri will have to be used to create the corners.

Okay Laura slow down. Not many people might not know what your going on about. If you do well done! If you don’t, don’t worry I’m speeding on ahead of things I’ll explain everything now.

Within modelling, the model is made up of different polygons, and within modelling there are only three different polygons that matter, the triangle, quadrilaterals and N-gon. An N-gon means a polygon with 5 or more sides, quadrilaterals AKA quads means 4 sides and triangle are pretty self explanatory.

When in modelling modeller tries to use quads when making a model because it makes a clean and easy flowing model which can then be manipulated. This also helps if you are passing the model off to someone else to then develop the model more, because it easier to make a quard model into a tri model then the other way around. This is because when making a model it can then be taken into Zbrush and textured, so its easier to texture is the model is in quads.

Besides polygons there are other things you need to know about. Which are edge loops, sculpting, subdividing and smoothing. Once again I shall explain, edge loops are circles are round the whole model for example it is most likely to occur around the waists as it should go all the way around, these help to create wrinkles in clothing and sometimes on the skin to show emotions when animated. Sculpting is for adding little extra detail, such as writing on the side of buildings or on rings. Its better to use quads when doing sculpting because it will help to move the mesh easier. Subdividing is where to split the model up further to help make the model more complex and detailed and smoothing basically explained itself, it makes the edges smoother to make the model flow better and less blocky, if that even a word.

Because within 3DsMax the topology of the objects are placed on the surface of these which help manipulate the object easier. Therefore our tutor Paul set us a task to draw onto an image where the topology would be, but we didn’t get to choose what we drew the topology onto we had to find an image of an old warn leather sofa, a World War 2 plane and the bust of a famous be it an actor or a cartoon character. Here are my final pieces:




These where my first attempts at topology and from this I think I will continue to work on my topology as I could make the face look better was the lines aren’t consistent and could do with some more lines within the cheek section and the upper forehead.


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