Model of Bust – First modelling lesson

Within the lesson we was starting to realise 3D modelling, for this to get a visual representation, we used clay to create models of something we drew, as I draw a model of The hulk I decided to take the chest section of him and make a 3D model. Here are some images of my finished model.

I think my work could do with some improvements, even though it was my first go I think it came out rather well, but I do think that the abs could have been more consistent, the side muscles could have looked more realistic by matching up with the abs with accurate references to a biological model.


Topology – First attempts

Topology can mean many things from the study of geometric shapes to the way constituent parts are interrelated or arranged.

During modelling, modellers try to make the model as simple as possible by not adding any type of polygon over 5 or more sides into the mode. Therefore most modellers will use Quads, when modelling, but because of the shape some models are Tri will have to be used to create the corners.

Okay Laura slow down. Not many people might not know what your going on about. If you do well done! If you don’t, don’t worry I’m speeding on ahead of things I’ll explain everything now.

Within modelling, the model is made up of different polygons, and within modelling there are only three different polygons that matter, the triangle, quadrilaterals and N-gon. An N-gon means a polygon with 5 or more sides, quadrilaterals AKA quads means 4 sides and triangle are pretty self explanatory.

When in modelling modeller tries to use quads when making a model because it makes a clean and easy flowing model which can then be manipulated. This also helps if you are passing the model off to someone else to then develop the model more, because it easier to make a quard model into a tri model then the other way around. This is because when making a model it can then be taken into Zbrush and textured, so its easier to texture is the model is in quads.

Besides polygons there are other things you need to know about. Which are edge loops, sculpting, subdividing and smoothing. Once again I shall explain, edge loops are circles are round the whole model for example it is most likely to occur around the waists as it should go all the way around, these help to create wrinkles in clothing and sometimes on the skin to show emotions when animated. Sculpting is for adding little extra detail, such as writing on the side of buildings or on rings. Its better to use quads when doing sculpting because it will help to move the mesh easier. Subdividing is where to split the model up further to help make the model more complex and detailed and smoothing basically explained itself, it makes the edges smoother to make the model flow better and less blocky, if that even a word.

Because within 3DsMax the topology of the objects are placed on the surface of these which help manipulate the object easier. Therefore our tutor Paul set us a task to draw onto an image where the topology would be, but we didn’t get to choose what we drew the topology onto we had to find an image of an old warn leather sofa, a World War 2 plane and the bust of a famous be it an actor or a cartoon character. Here are my final pieces:




These where my first attempts at topology and from this I think I will continue to work on my topology as I could make the face look better was the lines aren’t consistent and could do with some more lines within the cheek section and the upper forehead.

3D artists of interest

Nicolas Collings

Nicolas Collings was the creator of some of the most iconic characters within the Assassin’s Creed franchise for instance Ezio the main character, the different kinds of guards and generic body types for typical characters. When working on the Assassin’s Creed games he was the senior character modeler. He also worked on a game which compared to Assassin’s Creed has a completely different concept, which was Lost Planet 3.

I find it interesting the way he has had to change the styles of his work to be able to meet the requirements for the games story line and time period. For example Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is set in Rome in the past, whereas Lost Planet 3 is set in the future on a distant planet. Therefore he had to change the way he created the concepts for these games. For instance some of the ideas for Lost Planet could not be used for Assassin’s Creed for example the glowing effect on the thermal suit could not be used in Assassin’s Creed because in that time period they did not have that kind of technology, the same goes for the times of weapons used by the characters.

This image can be found here :-
this image can be found here :-

Overall he inspires me in many ways because he was able to change his style to help create a game for the scenario given to him by the companies. He also inspires me by putting so much detail into his characters, from the fur lining in the hood of the thermal suit in Lost Planet 3 to the hidden blade in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

Collings used a range of different softwares such as Adobe PhotoShop and 3DSMax. But before he seems to start the design and completing work on the computer he seems to have looked at live models and done a lot of life drawings, which seems to help him create life like models within this games. From this I myself will go and do some life drawings to help understand how the human body is shaped, this will help me to create realistic characters.

This image can be found here :-
this image can be found here :-

Paul Wright

Paul Wright helped to create the Fable series of games from Fable 2 to the new Fable: The Journey in Novermber 2014. Paul and his team won a Bafta award for the game Fable 2 and they won this award for action and adventure game of the year. This was a big achievement for him and he has got a lot of comments from other designers on his work, From Co-founders such as Jeremie Texier who said, ” I found him to be an excellent team player and great to be around. He’s very detailed, dedicated and driven and has no problems taking feedback on board which isn’t given to anyone!” 

this image can be found here :-
this image can be found here :-

Paul has interested me because he went on to create Fable: The Journey which consisted of a different game play, since all the other Fable games where made for consoles where you needed the controller to play it where is in as interview with Nickie Williams about the new game he says ” The gestures that are used in the game are the same that are used in real life. So when the player is throwing a spear, it actually feels like they’re throwing something.” he says this because the new game is for the Xbox Kinect and the game play has been adapted so that the player can play the game sat down because of the amount of game play that is needed to complete the game. This is why I find him interesting because he has gone out of his comfort zone to create a game for a platform that he usually doesn’t work on.

this image can be found here :-
this image can be found here :-

He also inspires me because when creating the new Fable game he made it so that everyone could play on it, so that it’s not exclusive to a certain target market, he has created it for old and new players and even though it was made for the Kinect, he has adapted it so disabled people can play it as well, as long as they have use of both hands and can move from left to right.

Garry Napper

Within the Alien Isolation game I have found many new and interesting facts about how they made the game, the main reason what brought my attention to this game is the way the characters have been created and how they look life like. Garry Napper was the main artist and designer on the project but he didn’t design the characters on paper and then develop them, the company casted people for the part and using 3D scanning to then create the characters on screen. It was done by a company in Sheffield, they took photos of the cast at different angels of the faces to make a life like model on the computer screen and then from this they used motion-capture animation to make them move.

This inspired me because this creates a game where you can actually believe you are part of it. For example when in the game, you are constantly scared of the fact the the alien could be right around the corner, it also makes you think differently for instance during the game you need to find weapons to survive and craft items. But when taking the gun you start to think about other things like Al Hope says ” If I fire it? Will the alien hear it?” you start to worry about what the alien will do to you since it can’t be killed, this gives you the feeling that your never safe. Also the way the alien moves around this leaves you scared and on edge because the alien isn’t programmed to move in a certain pattern, instead the alien moves using programmed senses to listen for sounds made by the player, which gives you fell the been hunted.

this image can be found here :-
this image can be found here :-
this image can be found here :-
this image can be found here :-