Getting my head around modelling

In our lesson we looked at 3D modelling terms such as, vertices, edges, face loops, edge loops, ring loops, topology, edge flow, textile and faces. The kind of 3D modelling we have been taught to use is called Polygonal modelling, which is made up of geometric shapes, which form faces, edges ad vertices.

When modelling, you try to keep the polygon count as low as possible to make sure to not overload the system and cause it to crash. This also helps to make the shape of the object more to correct shape, this allows it to move and changing without glitching when been animated. When there is a multiply amount of polygons this is then know as a mesh it which shape and be produced from.

Some of the best 3D models are known to have a high resolution which means they have higher details within the image. For example the faces on Assassin’s Creed are more advanced then the faces on the Nintendo 64. Therefore for higher the resolution the more edges there will be, edges happen when two polygonal faces meet.

Finally vertices or vertex the plural.A vertices happens when an intersection between edges. The manipulation of this is what programmers use to change and manipulate the polygonal mesh to make it into its final shape. This can be done in traditional 3D modelling programs such as Maya, 3Ds Max and many others.


Casual Gaming! – How do you know?

Casual gaming is where the player doesn’t have to spend great amounts of time playing the game to get the the finish line, therefore in casual games the game usually doesn’t have an ending and it is continuous, it also seems to not have a saving system along, where as hardcore games have some sort of saving system where you have to manually save the game, for example games that don’t have a saving system are Candy Crush and Flappy Bird. Because casual gaming is so popular and easy to do this is usually because the controls within a casual game are very simple for example there is a usually one game mechanic within a casual game such as get the bird between the spaces to pass along. To do this you only have to press the screen to make the bird go up and release to make it come down, and because of this simple mechanic many games can be put into any type of gameplay and can be placed into any genre. This is different to a hardcore gamer, as a hardcore gamer can play videos game as their main source of entertainment, and often play more the 3 or 4 hours a day, which is over the recommended amount of time. A hardcore gamer will play mostly any game, unlike a serious gamer they only seem to play games they seem to get something out of, such as an educational gamer something that will benefit them.


Even though Candy Crush can be known to be a casual game, because of the gaming market and how popular it has become, and how often people play on it for long periods of time, there is arguments that it is becoming a hardcore game where people can spend prolonged amounts of time on it. This brings me to the point of peoples own opinions, because some people who don’t play games at all will see others as game addicts that only play casual games, where as someone who plays games religiously would only call themselves casual gamers because to them playing game for excessive amounts of time. Also I say this but it could be argued differently  for example say if a hardcore gamer played on a hardcore game, but within the game they played by simple rules say on GTA you both play a game a tag, which in itself is a simple game, and they only play for around 20 minutes that wouldn’t be classes as a hardcore game, compared to someone playing on Candy Crush for more then 4 hours, it is known as a casual game but because of the time period spent on it, some people could classify the person as a hardcore gamer.

Game Console Infograph

Game Console Infograph

To get me introduced into my course I was asked to create an infograph on a chosen subject, which mine was games consoles. So for this I started from the beginning which for me was the first games consoles that was invented and i went from there in chronological order. I then decided to talk about how games could potentially develop into, such as virtual reality.

Games consoles Infographic-01

This is my finished infograph, which I created through Adobe Illustrator, which over all I found can be challenging to work with. But overall I think I created a working inforgraph that easily got the information across. But I do think I could have been more creative when designing my infograph, before example I could have added a better background, created a easier way of writing the information so that it flows better and finally the images could have sat next to the writing better.

You can find more information about these consoles and how they changed the gaming industry from these linked listed:

The Ultimate History of Video Games, Steven L. Kent